Trademarks & Tribute Vehicles

BRE Trademarks

 BRE (Brock Racing Enterprises LLC) has owned the trademarks to its logo and to its race car graphics (placement of stripes, colors, etc) since they began using them commercially in 1967.  It's obvious that if people create commercial products that use these trademarks (like models) they need to be licensed from BRE to do so. Another aspect, however, is personal use. If someone uses BRE's trademarks personally and that use is seen by the public (e.g. a clone car) BRE has a legal obligation to clarify that they still own their trademarks and the other person is not trying to claim ownership for themselves. BRE also has a business insurance requirement to clarify that BRE is not liable for anything that might result while someone is using BRE's trademarks for personal use.

BRE Tribute Vehicle Program

 The most common personal use of BRE's trademarks is for "tribute" cars, cars that replicate the BRE race car livery.  To address the needs above, provide people the help they may need to create accurate, quality tribute cars, and to recognize the cars that have been done correctly, we have a BRE Tribute program.  If a car qualifies, BRE will license the owner to use the BRE trademarks (logo and car livery).  They will receive special Tribute decals to place on their car and an official numbered certificate signed by Peter Brock showing they're in the special club of BRE sanctioned cars.

Feedback we've received on the BRE Tribute program includes (this from the owner of a tribute BRE 240Z):

"Please pass on my thanks to Peter and Gayle for their involvement in my car, it just adds to my enjoyment of this project knowing the two of them followed and assisted me along the way. I am very appreciative and honored."

Q&A Documents answer your questions

  We've created two Q&A documents to answer the most common questions regarding trademarks. Feel free to view them here and always feel free to contact us with questions.

  • BRE Trademark Q&A: General Questions and Answers regarding BRE trademarks, commercial and personal use.

If you ever have any questions just let us know at 702-558-3374 or via Email here.  Sending us photos of your product or car in question is always helpful.

For commercial use

 BRE works with each company individually to identify and create the most appropriate licensing model for their particular business and products.  If you have a commercial project involving the BRE logo or cars you can contact us here.

  • Eric and Larry Ritz's #68 BRE Datsun 510!

If you don't see a picture of your car above, and you are currently in the Tribute Program, please send us a photo!