BRE at the Mitty 2010

BRE at the Mitty 2010

April 29th thru May 2nd of 2010, BRE was the featured team at the annual Mitty event at Road Atlanta. BRE team owner and manager, Peter Brock, was Grand Marshal and many BRE team members joined the fun. All (but one) still-existing BRE team cars also made the event. From the first championship BRE Datsun 2000 Roadster to the BRE Zs, 510s the BRE Baja cars and even the BRE Formula 5000 car! Best of all were all the BRE fans, many of whom brought their adored Datsuns. Following are some images we wanted to share with you of this great event. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see everything.

Here are images of the original BRE team cars in their exhibit tent, followed by a team photo of the BRE members that participated.

BRE Team Members in attendance from left to right; John Caldwell (engines), John McComb (driver of BRE Roadster in 1970 and #3 BRE Z in 1971), Joey Caviglieri (crew), Bob Lyon (1968 Mexican 1000 co-driver with Peter Brock of #89 BRE Baja 510), Kirk Allegro (crew and key employee of Interpart), Bobby Allison (driver of #85 BRE 510 guest car), Judy Allison (Mr. Allison’s lovely other half), Peter Brock (team owner and manager), John Morton (driver of #46 BRE Roadster in 1969, Championship driver of #46 BRE 240Z in 1970-1971, Championship driver of #46 BRE 510 in 1971-1972). A Mitty program and team photograph are available here while supplies last.

As seen in the car images above, each BRE team car had a signboard. One side of the sign provided the BRE history of each car and the other side covered the post-BRE history, including the current owners. Following are the signboards for each car (in historical order):

The 1969 Pacific Coast Champion car of driver Frank Monise


The 1969 BRE Baja 510 driven at the Mexican 1000 by Peter Brock and Bob Lyon

A surprise at the BRE Team dinner Thursday night was when Peter Brock’s wife, Gayle, presented Peter with this car. Previously owned by Les Cannaday, Gayle and Les worked together for Gayle to purchase the car and for Les to transport it to the event for the special presentation to Peter.

BRE_Baja_510_89_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_Baja_510_89_signboard_page_2_FINAL

The 1970-1971 SCCA C Championship BRE 240Z of driver John Morton

BRE_240Z_46_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_240Z_46_signboard_page_2_FINAL_22x28

(The signboards of the 1971-1972 SCCA Class C #3 blue BRE 240Z are not available to post)

The 1971-1972 SCCA Trans-Am Championship BRE 510 of driver John Morton

BRE_510_46_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_510_46_signboard_page_2_FINAL

The 1971-1972 SCCA Trans-Am Championship BRE 510 Guest Car of drivers such as Sam Posey, Peter Gregg, Hershel McGriff and Bobby Allison

BRE_510_85_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_510_85_signboard_page_2_FINAL

The 1972 BRE Formula 5000 of driver John Morton

BRE_F5000_46_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_F5000_46_signboard_page_2_FINAL

A final fling with the Baja with this 1973 Baja 500 BRE Z with drivers Peter Brock and Lee Midgely

BRE_300_Baja_Z_signboard_page_1_FINAL BRE_300_Baja_Z_signboard_page_2_FINAL

The next bit of excitement was when Nissan unveiled a Nismo 370Z which they had Peter Brock design in the BRE livery. Seen here with Peter Brock and then with Brock and the Nissan team.

Mitty__10_052a Mitty__10_419

A couple more angles of this head-turner!

Mitty__10_346 Mitty__10_461

ABC Hobby presents Peter Brock with a 1:10 scale radio control model of Brock’s “new” Baja 510, followed by Brock loading up his original-condition Baja racer at the end of the show.

Mitty__10_455 Mitty__10_493

Brock gave out BRE Awards to some pretty impressive cars (and owners!)

Mitty__10_058 Mitty__10_449

How’s this for a BRE Tribute Car Winner!

Mitty__10_362_hi_res Mitty__10_407_hi_res

Surf’s up! Peter Brock’s autograph was in demand on everything… and the BRE booth staff (right) handled it all!

Mitty__10_443 Mitty__10_437

Datsuns! Datsuns!! Datsuns!!!

And a good time was had by all. Thank you!!

Want to see more photos captured over the years? Browse the BRE archives here.