Design Services

Peter Brock with clay modelAs a designer, I enjoy doing many things related to the world of cars… race photography and reporting year around on some of the world’s most interesting events keeps me abreast of what’s happening in the world of competition, both on the pavement and in the dirt. Automotive parts and component design, and the development of those items working with specialists in various fields, really help expand my knowledge of automotive technology. I also enjoy sharing those experiences with others. Occasionally I even find a restoration project.  Providing a client has the patience to work with someone who isn’t willing to compromise we often accomplish something really special together. Restoring rare cars and then writing about the experience is rewarding.

I’m often asked what I enjoy doing most. Without question, my first love and still what I enjoy most is automotive design.  When I left the business of ultra-light flight several years ago and returned to the automotive industry, I did design work for the big three as a consultant.  I’ve since contributed some ideas in some off-road vehicle design and recently with Gayle’s resurrection of the BRE entity I’m once again designing some performance equipment for my Coupes and even developing some modern versions of various other BRE items and apparel.

In short, I enjoy making things better and more beautiful. Working with people who place quality first is a high priority. Life’s too short to concentrate on making a profit at the expense of mediocrity. If you have a design project or idea you think I might be able to improve or help you develop through my contacts worldwide, let’s talk. Feel free to contact us at 702-558-3374 or email us here.